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GRE tips

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How To Study For The GRE

(Comment Etudier Pour Le GRE)

When students first begin preparing for the GRE many times they feel like they don't know where to start. are a few tips to help you get started and for taking the GRE in general.

1)   Be wary of adaptive online tests.  Many of these tests aren’t accurate, and could give you a very bad idea of what your level actually is.

2)  Instead, use official tests.  One such test can be downloaded from the GRE homepage at

3)  No single GRE book contains all the information that you are going to need.  Therefore, you need to buy several books or find someone that has knowledge of multiple resources.

4)    When beginning work on the theory.  Build up your basic knowledge for the math and verbal sections.  Once you have done this, it’s time to practice.

5)    Work on vocabulary every day.  This is 2/3 of the verbal section.

6)    Do a lot of practice problems!  It is the main key to success.

7)    Enroll in advance.  Especially if you plan on enrolling around the beginning of October to the end of December, which is the high season for GRE testing.   

8)    Obviously, you’re going to have to work on the areas where you are weak.  However don’t neglect your strong areas as well.  Many Math majors skip studying for the math section only to realize on the day of the test that they didn’t learn many of the common traps.

9)    Study in at least 75 minutes sessions.  This is the length of time that you’ll need to concentrate on the day of the test so it’s good to train your brain to think for at least this long.

10)     As it gets closer to test day take lots of practice tests.  This improves your mental stamina which will help keep you from making stupid mistakes once you’re dealing with the real test.

11) A great source for practice tests is the GRE official guide book.  It gets you seven tests with the answer keys.  However, the answers are only explained for the first test.

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