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Application tips for INSEAD’s Executive MBA

As you probably know, INSEAD's Executive MBA is among the best in the world. As such, it's not easy to get into. Below, you can find some tips that come directly from  INSEAD's admission's officers. If you want more help feel free to contact us- our success rate is 100% for the years 2020 and 2021.

-Dan Haug, Founder of Vincia Prep 



Financement et Bourses MBA

l'argent pour financer mba

Informations sur les bourses : internes, externes, basées sur le mérite et les besoins


Qu'est-ce qu'une bourse ? Et, comment puis-je en obtenir une ?plus

HEC PARIS: background, quality, and comparisons

What is HEC Paris?


Background on France’s top business school

HEC (École des hautes études commerciales de Paris) is France’s most prestigious and one of its oldest business schools.  Founded in 1881, the school has many of the markings of a highly selective institution such as high rankings for its programs like MBA, EMBA and



Le MBA de l’INSEAD : un aperçu complet de ses différents campus, du coût et retour sur investissement de la formation ainsi que des critères d’admission et de ses difficultés.


MBA application deadlines- dates and advice

MBA application deadline

So, which MBA application deadline is best? Early Bird gets in during the First Round

When considering an application to a highly selective business school, applicants must make a choice on what round to submit their completed

Answers to GMAT introduction post

Answers to GMAT practice questions

Problem solving question with answer


What is the 173rd digit to the right of the decimal point in the standard decimal expansion of 234567/7 ?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 5

d) 8

e) 9


What is the HEC MBA like? A review from a past student

HEC MBA blue background with white text

Choosing the HEC MBA program


Choosing an MBA program was an overwhelming task that required reviewing locations, fee costs, course duration, graduate opportunities, international student body and extracurricular activities.


Successful LSE SoP or letter of motivation

Famous Building on LSE SoP campus


Are you looking to write your statement of purpose (SoP) for a masters program, but want to know what a good SoP looks like? You've come to the right place. Below you can find an SoP that helped one of our students get into the London School of Economics Master in Management.



London School of Economics Statement of Purposeplus

Examples of successful INSEAD MBA essays

INSEAD Business School campus


Need some inspiration to help you start your MBA application essays? Below you'll find some essays that helped one of students get admitted into INSEAD


Give a candid description of yourself (600 words max)