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“Integrated Reasoning” (IR) sur le GMAT

Partie Raisonnement intégré IR GMAT

Alors, il y a un nouvelle partie sur le GMAT.  Presque toutes les entreprises de préparation pour le GMAT disent qu’il faut acheter des matériaux pour préparer cette partie.  C’est faux.


Voilà pourquoi:plus

Tips for the Quant Section of the GMAT and GRE

Studying for the Quant Section of the GMAT

So here is an article by a guest GMAT expert, Mark Skoskiewicz, whose company does GMAT tutoring in Chicago, New York, Boston, and Minneapolis.


The quantitative section of the GMAT can be very

Study material and Info for the New GRE

New GRE Material


As of August of 2011 students have been able to take the Revised GRE.  I can imagine what you're thinking - "Yipee, that great." (in a low sarcastic tone).  However, there are some nice things the come with taking the new test.  Secondly, business schools accept Revised GRE more than they used to accept the old GRE since the two tests are closer in difficulty level now. plus

How selective are non-US MBA programs?

MBA students attend class.

-Selectivity non-US MBAs-

A listing of the number of MBA applicants and percentage accepted to non-US MBA programs.


Asian Institute of Management

Number of applications (admitted and denied) to the newest class of full-time MBA entrants: 312plus

The New GRE in 2011 and MBA programs

MBA student learning about the new GRE

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) announced on Friday December 4th at the annual meeting of the Council of Graduate Schools that the exam will undergo major changes before it is released in its new form in 2011, The New York Times

Tips for getting into Grad school

Beautiful campus of a top grad school

Getting into grad school is a long and arduous process.  However, following some of the advice listed below should make the process go a little more