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A Critique of Shanghai's school rankings

Shanghai's school ranking review

Some Problems with the Shanghai school rankings

Some people follow the world school rankings published in Shanghai blindly.  You'd be foolish to do so, and here's an article (in French) explaining

GRE composite score

Man interpreting the GRE composite score

How do I translate my GRE composite score into a percentile score?

The GRE score reports don't publish what your overall percentile rank is.  However, we can use a statistic given on the ETS website to calculate your composite percentile!plus

GRE tips

Study books for the GRE


How To Study For The GRE

(Comment Etudier Pour Le GRE)


GMAT vs. Original GRE

Student considering the GMAT or the GRE


Most people really don't won't to know whether they SHOULD take the GMAT or the GRE.  The real question they are often trying to answer is "which test is easier the GMAT or the GRE?"  The short answer is, "the GRE" as explained in the articleplus