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Preparation TOEFL / IELTS

With TOEFL preparation at Vincia Prep our students generally increase their score by 10 to 15 points after only 15 hours of TOEFL tutoring.   As for the IELTS, if you are an intermediate student you'lll most likely need 20 to 30 hours to reach band score 6.5-7 (the most desired score for UK universities). This can be quite an investment, but with Sam's years of experience and our curriculum you will make significant progress.

Sam TOEFL/IELTS specialist

Sam- TOEFL/IELTS specialist

 free TOEFL/IELTS lesson Your first TOEFL/IELTS course is free

Getting the score you need is important, and we realize that it's quite an investment to do classes.  To help show you the quality of our couses we offer the first TOEFL or IELTS course for free so you can get a first hand look at what you'll be getting. During this class we'll go through your needs and have you do an assessment test in order to better understand what needs to be done.

fast learning Efficiency

Not only does tutoring allow you to prepare quickly, but our couse is particularly efficient.  Most students only need about 1 hour of tutoring for each point that they need to increase on the TOEFL.

 Tutoring vs Classroom- a price and quality comparison.

Many people pay approximately 700 Euros for a course in which there are as many as 20 students.   Here, you can get one on one attention for approximately the same price that you would pay to be in a larger classroom. 

 Free diagnostic test

Before we start working together we'll have you take a practice test so that can analyze your level and determine exactly what needs to be done to improve your score. 

 Personalized study plan

After finding out where your weaknesses are we create a personalized study program that is tailored to your needs.

 Make your own schedule

We only work with a limited number of students at a time so as to assure the flexibility that our students need.  We realize that many students have to work during the day so we make ourselves available on weeknights and weekends.

 Official test problems as practice

Students will receive a copy of official test problems made available by ETS.

 Higher score guarantee

Over the years we’ve never had a student that didn’t improve their score from their base score.  If you do our prescribed curriculum and by some supernatural power you don’t get a better score on the real test we’ll give you more lessons for free until you improve your score.


TOEFL Preparation materials

1. 8 official ETS practice tests- These are the best practice tests on the market.  However, not all of the the parts can be graded by a computer so our teachers can help you go over the writing and speaking parts so that you can know your actual level for all of the sections of the test.

2.  Sample senteces and practices exercises for 500 need-to-know TOEFL words. 

3.  One of the world's best selling grammar workbooks that will help you master the English used on the the TOEFL.


IELTS Preparation materials

1.  Cambridge IELTS preparation material including 

2. Official IELTS training material

3. Four previous IELTS tests to practice 



Special Note for the IELTS

  • The UK government has announced important changes to language testing for visa applications, reducing the number of tests accepted for visa purposes and bringing in new requirements for the way the tests will be administered.
  • IELTS – the world’s most popular test of English for higher education and global migration – has been approved for all UK visas that require applicants to provide proof of their level of English. This continues the important role which IELTS has long played in language testing for immigration in the UK and other countries, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Pricing for TOEFL/IELTS tutoring in Paris

Our services*

€ 85/hour TTC (pack of 10 hours)  € 75/hour TTC for pack of 20 hours


For some free TOEFL tips and a general understanding of the test you should read this article.

If you need help contact Dan now.  In order to provide the maximum amount of attention to everyone, only 10 students a month can be accepted.

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