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GMAT tutoring

Getting a GMAT tutor is the fastest and most flexible way to study for the GMAT.    If your business school deadline is soon and you need to prepare for the GMAT in Paris as quickly as possible then GMAT tutoring is the way to go. On the other hand, students that have plenty of time to practice, may want to try doing group GMAT courses. 

Beside being able to create your own schedule you'll also recieve training from the only (BTG) certified teachers in Paris. (BTG is one of the world's largest GMAT help websites).  Recognition is received after over a hundred online posts that were deemed of high quality by independant readers. 

Before we get started though, you can contact us to get an online practice test so that we can analyze your current level, and you can check out our free GMAT videos and articles. A complete list of reasons why you would want to have us as your GMAT coach are listed below.

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In 2018 Vincia Prep was choosen by École Polytechnique's Bachelor Program for their Admission Process and Standardized Testing workshop. Here's what interim dean of students, Shaun Cavaliere had to say after our workshop with École Polytechnique.

"Vincia Prep's participation in our Graduate Admissions in English-Speaking Countries workshop was instrumental in helping our students learn more about standardized tests required for admission to top graduate programs. In addition, the presence of a student recently admitted to Harvard was key in helping our students understand how to construct a successful graduate school application. The Vincia Prep team knows the ins and outs of the various exams, and they shared excellent tips, while explaining how to analyze and respond to the exams' various questions. Their communicative approach, combined with their top-notch preparation, facilitated students' participation and allowed the team to tailor their messaging to our students' needs."


Then in 2019 we were selected by GMAC™, the creator of the GMAT to present the GMAT to France during their webinar.



  -12 hours bought From 12 to 29 hours bought 30 or more hours
  105 € / hour TTC 85 € / hour TTC 75 € /hour TTC



Your GMAT Prep Benefits

Free GMAT tutoring Free first GMAT consultation

We're certain that you’ll be happy with the quality of GMAT preparation that you’ll receive.  However, it is understandable that you may be less certain of our ability.  This is why we offer you the first session free, which allows you to get a first hand look at what you’d be getting.

GMAT study schedule Make your own schedule

We only work with a limited number of students at a time so as to assure the flexibility that our students need.  We realize that many students have to work during the day so we make ourselves available throughout the week, including weeknights and weekends.

Fast GMAT Prep Efficiency

Not only does GMAT tutoring allow you to prepare for the GMAT quickly, but we've created a particularly efficient GMAT course that allows you to go through all of the sections in approximately 30 hours.

Free GMAT practice test Free diagnostic test

To better evaluate the your abilities and decide how to help you best we have every student do a diagnostic test at the beginning of your GMAT preparation.

GMAT study plan Personalized study plan

After finding out where you want to go, which program you want to do, what score you presently have (from the diagnostic test) etc.. etc…, we create a personalized program that is tailored to your needs.

GMAT practice problems Official test problems as practice

Students will receive questions from official GMAT exams made available by ETS and GMAC.

GMAT score increase Higher score guarantee

Over the years we’ve never had a student that didn’t improve their score from their base score.  If you do our prescribed curriculum and by some supernatural power you don’t get a better score on the real test we’ll give you more lessons for free until you improve your score.


GMAT Preparation materials

GMAT practice materials General

  1. 16 online GMAT tests- We've gone through a lot of different practice GMAT exams to figure out which ones are the best.  These are the GMAT practice exams that we will have you use.
  2. GMAT stopwatch - as you study you'll find out the timing on the GMAT is of utmost importance.  This GMAT stopwatch will help you getting your timing under control.
  3. Flashcards- For those people that have some free time in the metro these 300+ flashcards are a great asset.

Verbal GMAT materials  Verbal Materials

  1. Book materials that cover every section of the verbal section.
  2. Grammar Review Book with over a 100 tricks to aid in Sentence Correction.
  3. Verbal database with over 1500 questions
  4. Analytical Writing Section template- while the writing section on the GMAT isn't scored like the other sections it's a good idea to have a template that allows you to breeze through the writing section and still get an acceptable score.  We created such a template that has proven successful with our past students

Math books for GMAT Math Materials

  1. Math Review Book- gives you all the basics you need.  As we go along we'll teach you the tricks from multiple other sources as well.  Finally, after we go through the basics we'll also teach you the more advanced theory.
  2. Math question database that includes over a 1500 questions of Problem solving and Data Sufficiency questions.


Here's an example of the lessons that we'll teach you

If you need help contact Dan now.  In order to provide the maximum amount of attention to everyone, only 10 students a month can be accepted.

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