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The flexibility and speed that comes with getting a GRE tutor is unparalled.  One on one GRE courses allow you to focus on the areas that are the most important to you, and to speed through areas where you need less help. Another advantage that tutoring has over a GRE class is that you can create your own schedule. 

Vincia Prep was choosen out of the top 5 GRE programs in Paris by École Polytechnique's Bachelor Program for their Admission Process and Standardized Testing workshop. Here's what interim dean of students had to say after our workshop with École Polytechnique
"Vincia Prep's participation in our Graduate Admissions in English-Speaking Countries workshop was instrumental in helping our students learn more about standardized tests required for admission to top graduate programs. In addition, the presence of a student recently admitted to Harvard was key in helping our students understand how to construct a successful graduate school application. The Vincia Prep team knows the ins and outs of the various exams, and they shared excellent tips, while explaining how to analyze and respond to the exams' various questions. Their communicative approach, combined with their top-notch preparation, facilitated students' participation and allowed the team to tailor their messaging to our students' needs."
- Shaun Cavaliere, Interim Dean | Bachelor Program

GRE Preparation Benefits 

Free GRE course Your first GRE course free

Our students like us, and we like our students. Try out the first GRE class for free and you'll see why.

GRE tutoring experience The classroom vs. the tutoring experience.

It usually costs around 1200 to 3000 euros to attend a GRE class.  With us, you'll study the verbal and math sections with a private tutor for approximately 30 hours for about same price.  Futhermore, the interaction and the quality of learning that comes with a personsal GRE coach will help you achieve a higher score, faster than a class would.

Free GRE practice test Free GRE diagnostic test

Every student can take a diagnostic test if he or she chooses so we can better evaluate the your abilities and decide how to help you best.

GRE study schedule Make your own schedule

We only accept a limited number of students per month to insure we can meet you at a time that work best with your schedule.  Even if you can't meet during the day we're capable of meeting with you at night or on the weekend.  

Official GRE practice problems Official GRE test problems as practice

Students will receive a copy of official test problems made available by ETS and GMAC.

GRE score increase Increase your score guaranteed

All of our students improve from their base score.  However, if somehow the gods turn against you and you don't do better we'll give your more help until you do.  

General GRE prep materials you'll recieve

  1. 10 great practice tests- We've have searched high and low for the best tests available and have put together the best online tests on the market. 
  2. Over 1000 practice problems

GRE verbal study material Verbal Materials

  1. Top 1000 vocabulary flashcards that include definition, synonyms, related words, and example sentence.
  2. Verbal Audio Guides for over 800 words- these vocabularly building audio guides help you learn vocabularly in the car, in the metro, or anywhere else you can listen to your mp3 player

GRE math books Math Materials

  1. Math Review book that covers all the background ideas that are covered on the GRE.
  2. Strategy Sheet that highlights the most important material.
  3. Top 100 Math Quesion guide- details the 100 most common math question types



-14 hours bought From 14 to 33 hours bought 34 or more hours
105 € / hour TTC 89 € / hour TTC 79 € /hour TTC

If you need help contact Dan now.  In order to provide the maximum amount of attention to everyone, only 10 students a month can be accepted.

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