$25 Bonus - GMAT in Paris Nov. 12th-24th


I was recently admitted to Boston College with a $41,000 scholarship! I am sure that without your support it would not have been possible!
Camille T
(GMAT Score improvement 180 points)

$25 Bonus - GMAT in Paris Nov. 12th-24th

Man jumping for joy because of bonus $25 on GMAT

I was going through MBA.com's website and ran across this

If you take the test between November 12th and November 24th...


your test appointment will last approximately 4½ hours. At the end of your standard GMAT exam, you will be asked to answer 12-15 additional questions during a special 30-minute research session. These questions will not count toward your GMAT score and will not be shared with schools. You will receive a US$25 reward if you put forth reasonable effort to answer these questions.


It's not a whole lot, but hey, it's 25 dollars for not much effort.




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