GMAT test centers in Paris and France

In 2012 the GMAT testing center in Paris changed locations.  While the testing center used to be located at metro République it is now located outside of Paris.  The new GMAT test center is located at

3-15 rue Henri Rol-Tanguy
5th Floor
93100 Montreuil

If all of the places are taken in Paris you can also take the GMAT in Nantes at the following location

41 Bd des Batignolles
44300 Nantes


Finally, the next two closest GMAT test centers are in Belgium

Witte Patersstraat, 4
Rue des Pères Blancs, 4
1040 Brussels

and England

First floor
Belgrave House
Station Way
RH10 1HU
United Kingdom 


However, you may not have to travel to a different country if all of the test dates are full because people change their GMAT test dates every day.  In fact, the availabilities change every couple of hours on the official GMAT website,  So if you don’t currently see a time that you like, check the site regularly and you may be able to register for a different time.  As a last bit of advice, if you need to change your test date make sure that you change it at least seven days before your exam.  If you wait until right before you are supposed to take the GMAT (or within 7 days of taking the test) you'll have to pay the full $250 to reschedule.




Portable: +33 (0)6 41 75 45 71


Siren number- 524514957  


Office Address: 46 rue Saint-Antoine 75004 and 64 rue de Meaux 75019


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