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Integrated Reasoning on the GMAT (updated)

So, the GMAT has a new section.  Every test prep company is trying to tell you it’s important.  That you need to buy their stuff to get ready for it.  However, as of now, (March 21st 2014) the Integrated Reasoning section on the GMAT is still not that big of a deal.

Here’s Why:more

GMAT, GRE, and SAT preparation in Dublin

One of my previous colleagues, Deirdre, has set up a GMAT, GRE, and SAT preparation service in Dublin, and if you happen to be in that area you should get help from her.  I don't often make recommendations, but I think she is a really good teacher (especially when it comes to her GMAT courses).  

To find out more information you can go to




How to approach the GMAT critical reasoning section

So here's a short and sweet article about how to do the critical reasoning (CR) section on the GMAT.  You may notice that the way I think you should approach the first step is different than what is written in many GMAT books.  However, after years of watching students I'm fairly certain that this first step is correct.  To begin, here is a pratice question:


Which is easier- the GMAT or the New GRE?

Many students have the option of taking either the GMAT or the New GRE for the program of their choice.  Therefore, a question that students often ask me is, "Is the GMAT or the GRE easier?".  My response is often "it depends on what you're good at, but generally the GRE is easier" more

Average French GMAT scores

What is the average GMAT score for French people? 

Many French citizens want to know how they compare to other French GMAT test takers.  The below chart will give you an idea of where you are compared to French GMAT scorers.  The below chart also shows how many French people have taken the test in each of the last 5 yearsmore

Study material and Info for the New GRE

As of August of 2011 students have been able to take the Revised GRE.  I can imagine what you're thinking - "Yipee, that great." (in a low sarcastic tone).  However, there are some nice things the come with taking the new test.  Secondly, business schools accept Revised GRE more than they used to accept the old GRE since the two tests are closer in difficulty level now. more

How selective are non-US MBA programs?

-Selectivity non-US MBAs-

A listing of the number of MBA applicants and percentage accepted to non-US MBA programs.


Asian Institute of Management

Number of applications (admitted and denied) to the newest class of full-time MBA entrants: 312

Percent of all applicants accepted to the class of newest full-time entrants: 48


Average gmat score of mba students in non-US mba programs

Below I've listed the average GMAT score of MBA students in non-US programs along with some other useful information.  Another point of information listed below is the middle 80% range.  In general, the middle 80% range GMAT score is what you need to be in to get into a school.  If you have a score lower than the middle 80% range for a certain school the probability of you getting into that school is small.more

Average work experience of MBA applicants

What is the average amount of work experience that MBA applicants have? A listing of American universities

I have listed below the average amount of work experience of MBA applicants to American schools in alphabetical order.  Using the search function on your browser might be useful because the list is rather long.more

Online resources for the GMAT

Online Resources for the GMAT

Often times when students start studying for the GMAT they don't know where to start, and don't know what resources to use.  While my website is useful, I realize that it is far from complete at the moment.  Therefore, I thought that I would suggust some other websites that would help you in your studies.more

General Info on admissions tests

What are admissions tests?

The university admissions process (both for undergraduate and graduate programs) differs by country, by institution, and by program.  There are, however, certain components which are fairly standard: an application form, essays or personal statements, transcripts from previous education, and letters of recommendation are all common themes in any application.  Because these elements can be very difficult to compare, admissions tests are often used to provide universities with an additional way of evaluating and differentiating applicants.more

Tips for getting into Grad school

Getting into grad school is a long and arduous process.  However, following some of the advice listed below should make the process go a little more smoothly.more