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Scoring 700 on the GMAT

Blue banner for scoring 700 on the GMAT with white target

With over 300,000 people taking the GMAT every year, figures suggest that approximately 10% of students manage to receive a score of 700 or higher. For most, this high result feels far from attainable.more

Introduction into Data Sufficiency for the GMAT

GMAT data sufficiency questions on a blackboard.

When you first start studying the math section on the GMAT you'll run up against these weird data sufficiency (DS) questions. Before you start doing these strange problems you need to know their different parts and what they are asking you to do!  

A data sufficiency question looks like this:


Differences between the GMAT and the New GRE

A student choosing between the GMAT and the new GRE

Should you prepare for the GMAT or the New GRE now that MBAs accept both exams? This article will help answer some of your questions.  In short though, many (but not all) French people can do better on the GRE than they can on the GMAT in a short amount of time.more

TOEFL iBT : Comment se déroulent les épreuves ?

Déroulé des épreuves du TOEFL iBT


Pour préparer efficacement le TOEFL iBT, mieux vaut savoir exactement ce qui vous attend ! D’autant plus que les épreuves et les modalités d’examen ont fortement évolué ces dernières années. Voici une explication complète du déroulement des épreuves du nouveau TOEFL.


3 bons plans pour préparer le TOEFL à Paris

bons plans TOEFL Paris


La plupart des préparations au TOEFL sur Paris préconisent principalement de bachoter les annales, de faire le plus de tests possible et de lire et analyser un maximum de textes de niveau universitaire. Même si cela vous aidera certainement à améliorer votre score, pourquoi ne pas également profiter de ce qu’une grande ville comme Paris a à offrir pour améliorer son anglais ?


TOEFL reading tips

Woman reading at a cafe for the TOEFL.

Read read read.... READ ABOUT EVERYTHING!

Many people look at the reading section of the TOEFL and feel completely overwhelmed. I remember when I first begun teaching the exam, I asked myself, how do I get students engaged or excited about topics that, they may have never encountered, and have little or no interest in?more

Do schools accept updated GMAT scores?

Reading glasses left on GMAT final score print out.

Some schools will consider your updated GMAT score if you send it to them before they've had a chance to look at your application. If you initially send multiple scores, schools will look at your highest score.


Tips for the Quant Section of the GMAT and GRE

Studying for the Quant Section of the GMAT

So here is an article by a guest GMAT expert, Mark Skoskiewicz, whose company does GMAT tutoring in Chicago, New York, Boston, and Minneapolis.


The quantitative section of the GMAT can be very difficult.more

Integrated Reasoning on the GMAT (updated)

A student studying for the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT

So, the GMAT has a new section.  Every test prep company is trying to tell you it’s important.  That you need to buy their stuff to get ready for it.  However, as of now, (March 21st 2014) the Integrated Reasoning section on the GMAT is still not that big of a deal.

Here’s Why:more